Call Mexico when you want.

For an extra $15 per month, get 1000 shareable minutes added to your Share Everything Plan to use for long distance calls from the U.S. to Mexico & Canada or while you're in Mexico & Canada, for local calls or calls to the U.S. (coverage not available everywhere).

Make sure you call 1(866) 501-9421 to add the $15 Call Mexico option to your Verizon Share Everything Plan today.

International Long Distance

Choose from either Verizon's standard per minute rates, or for a low monthly access of $3.99 get the International Long Distance Value Plan and receive deeply discounted per minute rates. Having trouble deciding which option is best for you? Here is an example of the discounted Value Plan rates: Calling a landline in Venezuela with the Value Plan , you get charged $0.20 per minute vs. the standard rate of $1.99 a minute. That's a HUGE savings.

To add the International Long Distance Value Plan to your Verizon Service plan, simply call 1(866) 501-9421.

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